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i can't believe i'm going to berkeley after all those times i said i never would. i guess it was meant to be. i'm so thrilled, i am too excited, and i can't wait to start in august. i'm ready for a change, to take the classes i want, to learn. wow i'm such a nerd. but that's okay! this is such an exciting time - APs are over, Prom is next week, Grad Night's coming up, the YEARBOOK IS COMING!, summer is here (I can feel it)! i can't wait for backyard bbqs, swimming, the beach, being TAN, shooting some new rolls, being carefree for a few's gonna be amazing. and i feel too lucky to get to go to Europe twice this summer. I think the place I'm most excited for is Paris, i honestly cannot wait. It's the biggest regret of my life not taking my manual camera when i went. I think about it all the time, and i kick myself for it everyday. I've been looking at old black and whites online and i'm just itching to press my finger down on the shutter and click on the cobbled streets and cafes. wow, i think i'll be spending way too much on film. AHHHHHHH everything is just great right now. i'm so happy. i hope everyone else is this happy. until a later date...probably my yearly reflection (haha).

p.s. beware of iPods if you have a pacemaker!!! hahaha. but no, it's serious business.
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