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The weird thing about dreams is that they never die. NYU was my dream from 6th to 11th grade. It was only this year I decided that I wanted something different. But I've vacillated so much these past months over where to go and what to do with my life that I don't know anymore. I have no idea about my future, I feel I keep going in circles - and it scares me. Getting into Tisch is truly a dream come true. But is it the dream I want? Recently I thought I'd never go - I wanted a campus, real Greek life, a football team to cheer on, school spirit, etc... But I also want photo, I want to spend hours studying famous photographers, learning new techniques, to go to lectures held by prominent people in the field. I'm so happy about my acceptance, to know that an admissions committee of a prominent photo department likes my work means a lot to me. I guess I have a lot to think about. This is just another option to get me excited about my next four years. I'm hesitant to open my mailbox these days, but getting amazing news like this is well worth my anxiety. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! this is so surreal!
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