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"i've got a great idea, great idea..."

senior year has come. along with it, so have college applications, stress, portfolios, new teachers, yearbook, and of course, school work. and while i may have a lot to deal with (like a photo teacher who is making me use a pinhole camera to take a photo of the fucking 2nd floor patio...i wont get into it now. not this time), i'm so fucking excited for some reason.

it's thrilling to think that in a few months, i will know where i'm going to college for the next four years of my life. and even though it's stress, it's finite. it will end. that's all we have to remember. it will end. there's just so much out there, to do in the world. and that's where we'll be, out in the world. the fucking WORLD. wow. scary. but exciting. really exciting.
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