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so school started. and sadly, this year was the ONE year i was NOT excited for the first day of school, of starting a new year, getting a clean slate, BLAH BLAH BLAH. i'm over it already. i miss last year like no one could ever describe because i can't even describe how much i LOVED my junior year. I hate walking through the hallways not recognizing ANYONE cause they're ALL below my grade and therefore I do not really know any of them. I miss last years seniors and keep expecting to see them walking through the hallways.

i HATE photo as of 6:28 p.m. August 25, 2006. I hate the fact that I do not look forward to 6th period everyday. I miss the old photo crew, especially Ms. Kuo. I hate how Mr. Briggs was telling us all how dirty it was in the darkroom and how the photo racks looked like they "came from king tut's tomb." I feel all alone in that class, in a class that used to be so comfortable and small. we were a family. i do not know how i feel about the new teacher...i just hope we dont butt heads too much.

and i hate how tuesday is slowly approaching. oh god.
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